Buoy real-time data

Real time ocean wave data is available from both moored weather buoys and Wave Rider buoys located at Galway Bay and Belmullet Berths A and B. Parameters collected include: Peak Period, Peak Direction, Upcross Period, Sea Temperature (Wave Rider network only) and Significant Wave Height. Real time data is available for moored Belmullet buoys and the Galway Bay Wave Buoy while historical data is available for Galway Bay Wave Buoy 2.

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Model data

The SWAN Wave model and the Marine Institute Monthly Means model produce the following parameters: Significant Wave Height , Mean Wave Direction and Mean Wave Period (SWAN Wave model and Monthly Means model) Sea surface temperature, Sea bottom temperature, Surface salinity, Bottom salinity, Surface velocity, Mixed layer depth (Monthly Means model only). The SWAN wave model runs every day to produce a 6 day forecast using NCEP GFS wind forcing and FNMOC Wave Watch 3 data for the wave boundaries. The forecast is generated for research purposes and for comparison with measured wave parameters. Monthly mean values for oceanographic parameters in Irish waters are from the Marine Institute SWAN and ROMS models.

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Environmental data

The Environmental Working Group under the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan recently collated an inventory of relevant data currently available in Ireland. The objective of this inventory is to identify sources and availability of environmental, social and economic data relevant to all offshore renewable energy developments from testing, site investigations, construction, production and decommissioning. This is a valuable source of information for the planning and permitting of offshore renewable energy developments in Irish waters. This inventory points to all sources of relevant data which is currently collected and available.

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