Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan

The Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) which was published in February 2014 identifies the opportunity for the sustainable development of Ireland’s abundant offshore renewable energy resources.

The aim of the OREDP is to increase indigenous production of renewable electricity, thereby contributing to reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions, improving the security of our energy supply and creating jobs in the green economy. The OREDP sets out key principles, policy actions and enablers for delivery of Ireland’s significant potential in this area. The OREDP provides a framework for the sustainable development of Ireland’s offshore renewable energy resources.

Ten areas of policy actions were identified in the OREDP and work has commenced to address these areas. This work is being led by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE). A steering group and three working groups representing relevant stakeholders have been established. A mid-term progress review was published in 2018. Read more about this review here.

All documentation relevant to the OREDP can be viewed at this link.  

A detailed Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was undertaken in support of the developement of the OREDP.  An Appropriate Assesment was also undertaken. All documentation can be viewed at this link.

The main focus of the SEA was to test the development scenarios for up to 4,500 MW of offshore wind and 1,500 MW of wave and tidal energy within Irish waters as set out in the OREDP. There were three development scenarios presented in the OREDP. These scenarios range from low to high.

  • Low: This scenario consists of the 800MW of offshore wind to receive a grid connection offer under Gate 3. It also includes 75MW of wave and tidal development. 
  • Medium: This scenario consists of 2,030MW of offshore wind and the 500MW of wave and tidal energy.
  • High: This scenario consists of 4,500MW of offshore wind and 1,500MW of wave and tidal current.

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