Marine Environment

The Marine Institute undertakes marine environment data collection activities include seabed habitats, benthos, and water quality of interest to the renewable marine energy sector. This data is available to view and download from Ireland's Marine Atlas and the Marine Institutes Data Repository.

Ireland's Marine Atlas has been published as part of Ireland's commitment to reporting to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The atlas provides public access to data from a range of organisations involved in the marine sector in Ireland. The atlas provides a single easy-to-use point of access to up-to-date Irish marine information to those in the ocean energy development sector undertaking an analysis of the marine environment related to a site assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental impact statement. Themes of data in the atlas include:

  • Administrative units
  • Protected sites
  • Ocean energy resource
  • Ocean features
  • Discharge point sources
  • Inshore sea fisheries
  • Aquaculture
  • Seabed habitats
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport

This online atlas may be studied with Ireland's MSFD Marine Strategy Report for a fuller understanding of the initial assessment of the marine environment.

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