Commissioners of Irish Lights

Commissioners of Irish Lights as the General Lighthouse Authority for the Island of Ireland and the adjacent seas and islands, operate an all-island coastal network infrastructure consisting of 250+ onshore and offshore sites and platforms (lighthouses, buoys and other aids to navigation) with associated monitoring and communications systems. This extensive and unique network around the entire coast of Ireland sits strategically at the periphery of Europe. Along with Irish Lights’ expertise, this infrastructure offers many opportunities to the marine industry in general. More specifically the Irish Lights’ sites offer prime locations for remote monitoring equipment, environment data acquisition and telemetry devices for the renewable energy, environmental, fishing and marine safety sectors.

Not only can Irish Lights provide access to its unique coastal infrastructure but it can also supply clients with real-time integrated monitoring services using its private AIS network. Data can be sent to shore via Irish Lights’ AIS secure telemetry network however other transmission networks can be used also including GPRS or WiFi where services are available. Over the years, Irish Lights has gained extensive experience in integrating various sensors on behalf of clients for a variety of applications such as;

  • Wave Direction
  • Current Profiling
  • Water Temperature sensors
  • Turbidity sensors
  • AIS Tracking & Monitoring

Irish Lights can offer clients a complete data transmission and visualisation service, providing them with a secure and dynamic user interface through which clients can access their remote sensors or devices and manage/analyse data from.

Irish Lights’ unique infrastructure is available to be used by all industry sectors including Offshore Renewable Energy, Coastal Engineering, Academic Institutions, Utility providers, Aquaculture and Ports and Harbours. Contact us to find out what we can do for you on

Zoom in to the map and click on the icons to view further details on our assets, i.e. lighthouses (white circles with star), buoys (pink dots), beacon (orange dots) and helipads (H).

Commissioners of Irish Lights are placed to deliver a wide range of services to the renewable energy sector including:

  • 250 + locations around the island of Ireland, with communications and monitoring infrastructure (AIS, DGPS, RCMS, 3G) and Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
  • Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) including buoys, beacons, coloured sectored lights, leading lights, radar beacons, AIS, AtoN & the Differential Global Positioning System
  • 80m Multifunctional Vessel ILV Granuaile, available for Charter
  • Contract Helicopter
  • Modern AtoN Engineering Facility, Buoy workshop and Yard with support facilities in Irish Lights Dun Laoghaire headquarters
  • Skilled Professional Staff (wide range of expertise and knowledge)
  • Strategic partnerships and collaboration with a number of entities (Coast Guard, Met Office, Navy, Academic Institutions, commercial companies)

Irish Lights also offer a range of MetOcean data services. Our sensor infrastructure currently collects wind, wave and air/sea temperature data, however sensor options can include the following; barometric pressure, humidity, current profiles, radar transponder, pollution information.

Ship Hire- ILV Granuaile

Always safe, client focused, quality driven

Commissioners of Irish Lights can provide the offshore, subsea and marine industries with a flexible and capable vessel the ILV Granuaile that can support a comprehensive range of specialist projects such as, ROV’s, subsea equipment and services. The Granuaile is based in Ireland and operates its statutory function around the Island of Ireland. However, it can travel internationally when required to by clients.

Irish Lights’ vessel ILV Granuaile is a versatile 80 metre Class 1 DP vessel with a 20T on board crane that serves our Aids to Navigation management and maintenance programme – and it is also available for charter. It is a high tech mobile platform for delivery of offshore activities, including but not limited to: buoy deployment, maintenance and recovery services, hydrographic survey, sea-bed sampling and mapping, deployment of subsea sensors and measuring devices, ROV support, seabed excavation, deployment and recovery of marine hardware, vibracore sampling, marine equipment testing and helicopter operations support.

Full specifications are available in the ILV Granuaile Brochure and in the Irish Lights Buoy Services brochure

For hire enquiries please contact:

Commissioners of Irish Lights Data Services

Real-time marine and environmental data can be captured from coastal and offshore environments, providing research and monitoring services. This data can be used to identify the sources of marine pollutants and protect special areas of conservation. Commissioners of Irish Lights has connectivity at remote locations around the coast where we can offer high speed data connectivity using radio, mobile, satellite or fixed line networks. Services include but are not limited to real-time MetOcean data feeds, offshore and subsea data from buoy sensors, DGPS/AIS precision position monitoring, synthetic and virtual AIS aids to navigation, Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) and data logging, management and validation.

Further details are available in the Irish Lights Technology and Data Services Brochure

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