Dublin Bay Digital Diamond Testbed

The Dublin Bay Digital Diamond (DBDD) is an e-navigation and communications proof of concept test bed in Dublin Bay

The Diamond serves as an opportunity for users across the maritime sector to explore the potential of these services. The Diamond’s primary stations are at Kish Lighthouse, Baily Lighthouse, Dublin Port and CIL Dun Laoghaire. These locations can provide effective digital communications coverage across Dublin bay and its approaches. The goal of the project is to demonstrate and develop the capabilities of the CIL e-navigation and communications networks. 

Baily Lighthouse

  • AIS base station (Saab R40)
  • Optic LED in original rotating lens
  • Flash white every 15 seconds (0.7 + 14.3)
  • 18 nautical mile range
  • 41m above MHWS
  • Day mark 13m  high granite tower
  • Videograph fog detection
  • Datac 932 with 3G link to AIS base station for trials
  • Dublin Port VTS radar and VHF DF
  • ESB mains and mains fail diesel generator
  • PTSN
  • Attendant lives at station
  • Accessible by road (prior notification to CIL

CIL Dun Laoghaire HQ

  • Broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • ESB mains & mains fail diesel generator
  • Quay side access
  • Mobile crane
  • Buoy yard
  • Workshop facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Accessible by road 7am to 7pm

Kish Lighthouse

  • AIS Station (Kanaton unit AIS AtoN)
  • Optic Rotating sealed beam lamps
  • Two white flashes every 20 seconds -
  • (0.4+3.6+0.4+15.6)
  • 22 nautical mile range
  • 24 hour station
  • Daymark 31 meters above MHWS 
  • Biral HSS VF-500 sensor
  • LIDAR (ZephIR) 
  • Racon (Phalcon THM) X & S bands, code ‘T’
  • 12kW diesel generator with backup generators
  • Datac 932 RTU with dual GSM
  • Accessible by boat or helicopter (prior 
  • notification to CIL)

Dublin Bay Buoy

  • Water depth 13 meters
  • Racon (SeaBeacon6) Morse ‘M’
  • Lantern LED Vega VLB-44/10 range 7 NM
  • Two white flashes every 10 seconds
  • (0.5+1.0+1.5+7.0) 
  • 10 tonne steel bowl
  • 8 off 12 VDC 72 Ah batteries, total: 576 Ah 
  • 4.4 meters above water line 
  • 10 off 50W solar panels, total: 500W or 41.67 A 
  • Daily power requirements for CIL equip = 64 Wh
  • Accessible by boat

  • Wi-Fi coverage over Dublin Bay
  • Feasibility of Ranging Mode for positioning.
  • Camera coverage of the Dublin Bay anchorage/approach channel.
  • Virtual AIS AtoN to mark Radio Navigation Warnings in the test area.
  • Met/Hydro sensors on the Dublin Bay Buoy, providing wind/current/wave height data for the pilot boarding area.
  • Port traffic recorder that will record traffic passing North Bull and Poolbeg inbound.
  • Wind Speed and Direction read out at a height of 20 metres from Kish Lighthouse.
  • Automatic alerting of ships on passing designated points by AIS to SMS to agents, owners, port, customs, MSO, etc.
  • Distribution of CIL e-Nav News – a series of newsletters aimed at informing the maritime community of the CIL e-Navigation Dublin Bay Digital Diamond demonstrator project as well as gathering feedback on user experience and requirements.
  • e-Loran trial.
  • The Dublin Bay Buoy will also be shortly fitted with a water quality sonde.

Deirdre Lane, Navigation Policy Support Officer,

Commissioners of Irish Lights,

Harbour Road,

Dún Laoghaire,

Co. Dublin,


Tel: +353-1-2715400

Email: Deirdre.Lane@cil.ie