SmartBay is Ireland’s national marine and renewable energy test and demonstration facility which is ideally located within Galway Bay.

The test site is suitable for developers wishing to undertake low-cost sea trials and validation of devices and components at various technology readiness levels.  The Test Site is situated 1.5km offshore in water depths ranging from 20m – 23m.

The site has provided test and validation facilities for a number of devices to date. Extensive historical wave and weather data is available for the site. This data has been gathered and collated since 2006, and can be made available to potential device developers upon request.


The test site area is clearly delimited by 4 cardinal marks at each corner of the site to indicate restrictions on vessel traffic within the area. The test site is ideal for developers wishing to undertake low-cost sea trials and validation of prototype devices and components at various technology readiness levels.


A sub-sea cabled observatory is deployed at the site, and is powered by a hybrid optical/electrical cable.  The observatory can provide power to, and receive data from, up to three Ocean Energy devices (1.2kW per device). Several optical and electrical connectivity options are available with a number of permanent sensors and a high definition camera installed for monitoring. A live underwater video feed from the high definition camera is available here.

Facilities at the site include:

  • Site located 1.5km offshore with water depths ranging from 20m – 23m
  • A wave regime which scales to approximately ¼  of open ocean conditions Fully characterised wave climate
  • Access to the subsea observatory for data transmission and power (cabling required) Comprehensive time-series of weather, wave and current data for the site 
  • Comprehensive time-series of weather, wave and current data for the site
  • Proximity to ports and associated facilities
  • Operational team providing end-to-end marine support
  • ICT team for data acquisition and transmission support

Specifications of the SmartBay Test Site include:

  • Early Prototype Scale Ocean Energy Test Site
  • Three test berth available for prototype wave energy device testing inclusive of a berth for floating offshore wind prototypes testing
  • Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 5-6
  • 20-23m Depth
  • Dimensions: 640m EW x 560m NS
  • 1.5km offshore
  • High speed wireless data transmission
  • Historic and real-time data sets since 2006
  • Access to an underwater cabled observatory 400v subsea power and 1Gb data cable

Ocean energy device developers are supported by a specialist team experienced in prototype ocean energy device trials ranging from planning, deployment, data transmission, recovery, certification and proof of concept validation.

The team is composed of marine technicians, scientists, engineers and software developers, supported by marketing and business development professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Users can also avail of an established, extensive local supply chain to compliment in-house expertise, and to provide a range of supports, including:

  • Naval architecture design
  • Device certification
  • Marine surveying
  • Device validation
  • Techno-Economic Assessment
  • Vessel provision
  • Dive support
  • Steel fabrication
  • Welding
  • Port facilities


SmartBay Ireland is responsible for supporting and promoting the Galway Bay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site on behalf of the Marine Institute (MI) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Real-time observations from the SmartBay Test Site include:
  • Wave Height
  • Wave Period
  • Wind Forecast

The SmartBay Test Site ‘Data Dashboard’ is a set of graphs and tools that displays in real-time performance indicators related to the wave climate.

Real-time observations recorded from the SmartBay Test Site include:

  • Significant Wave Height (m)
  • Average Wave Period (s)
  • Mean Wave Direction (degree True)
  • Maximum Wave Height (in measured period)
  • Maximum Time between set of waves (in measured period)
  • Maximum Wave Height (1/3 Waves)

Point of contact 1: John Breslin

Title: General Manager


Point of contact 2: Máiréad Elliott 

Title: Business Development and Projects Coordinator


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